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Courage | Getting Out of Our Box

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

Pursuing your goals is hard! There is this feeling that I am constantly been judged, and let us be honest, no one likes being judged. BUT. This is the thing if we don't put ourselves there we miss opportunities. If I don't dare to put myself out in the world I can miss my new job, a new friend, even that new partner that you have being waiting for, so this is the thing, we need to dig and find the courage within ourselves. We need to stop being the one that tears us down and become your own cheerleader. Start telling yourself.... I GOT THIS!

I know a lot of times things are easier said than done, so let us go over some strategies of how we can do this. 1. The Post-It: First, think about where are you going to accomplish this "impossible" task or where does the self-doubt start. Once you identified this is time to zhuzh it up, make yourself a post-it note with something that will get you out of that funk or reminds you of that precious goal you want to accomplish. (Here are some of my faves : You got this!, Just breath.., Believe in Yourself, Don't forget you are awesome :) , Get that Sh*t done!! )

2.Get a second pair of eyes: If you have a kind soul in your life that you call a friend & you feel comfortable enough with them to express your emotions, text them. There are times we just need to see ourselves from a different perspective. We can be doubtful but our friends will call us out & remind us of our own awesomeness. Remember your friends will always have your back! (Thank God for friends... if I didn't have some of these people in my life I would have already gone knuts).

3. The internet: The internet can be used for good or bad... it can tell you how pretty much anything works and it can also say you are dying of an unpronounceable disease. ugh, our old good friend. Here is the trick, setting up things in advance. Whenever you are scrolling in social media, take 3 min, just 3, and add some motivational accounts in your IG or FB. This way whenever you need them they are already there. (Here are some I enjoy: @herupliftingquotes , @fullspiritquotes, @bossbabeaffirm , @myselflovesupply )

Alrighty, beautiful human beings let's get out there and conquer our goals! Always remember when there is a will there is a way... don't let yourself stay in that little cocoon dare to live! Become the butterfly you were meant to be <3

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