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New Year, New Me! | How to crush 2023?!

I don't know that it is about the fall & winter months, but it is certainly a time of the year that makes me reflect a lot.

I think it partially is because I was born in the tropics where there are no seasons and in my mind that automatically makes me not equipped for the cold lol. When it's cold, I spend lots of... okay most of my time, trying to stay warm aka. under a bunch of blankets with ☕ hot cocoa in hand, & what is there to do if you don't want to leave the warmth of your blanket fort, ponder in your thoughts.

I have been thinking about lots of things. How did my year go? How is my mental health after the pandemic? how does it feel to be married? How some IG accounts are so perfectly color-coordinated? and the list goes on... One thing, I have been thinking about the most is what my next goals are going to be, so let's get talking about how to make things happen 😉

The first thing to think of is the nature of goals in general. Throughout our life, we will have an infinite list of things we want to accomplish. Whenever we finish one, we will go to the next one. Now, you don't have to wait until January 1st to start. You can start anytime! It is very liberating when you really think about it, you are never early & you are never late. Instead, work on your goals all year long. If you missed the start line you initially gave yourself, remember you gave yourself that date so instead of waiting another year, just get back on the horse and reschedule that timeline.

Now let's go to other big questions we have all asked ourselves. Can I really make that happen? Am I dreaming too big?! The answer to both is simple. Why not?! There is no crystal ball that can predict the future. There is nothing that says you won't accomplish your goals, so why not believe in yourself? Why not give it your all? If we put it in context, there is truly nothing standing in your way besides yourself. Break out of the mental strains you have put in yourself and reach for the stars. The road to success is bumpy, and people like to emphasize that one time a person succeeded. Not all the other 10,000 times they failed, and you know what "failing" is part of the process. It means you are trying, and personally, I want to try many things, and I know I will not be good at all of them. That should not stop you, just get used to failing along the ride and enjoy it! Make the road to your goals fun because sometimes when the road is full of fun memories the destination doesn't matter.

And talking about our destination...Have you realized how sometimes we don't get what we want but we end up in a much better spot than what we imagined?... Yup, let's think about it if we focus too much on getting things perfect. On reaching that exact goal. We might now see the opportunities that life has right in front of us. Instead, know that goals change the same as you have changed over the years, and we should stay flexible, keeping an eye out for the redirection signs life gives us. This year has been trying to teach me that over and over. I am in a totally different place than what I imagined as a college student. Not even in my wildest dreams, I could have foreseen what was going to come my way!! BUT looking back I can say many of the goals I put for myself lost my interest & new ones came. New ones that were more in sync with who Daniela was at that time & they will continue to change because I will continue to evolve. That is just the never-ending cycle of growth. My advice, follow whatever lits that 🔥fire within you & awesome results will happen.

Now, what are the takeaways from this article... 1. Don't be afraid to dream BIG. 2. FAIL as much as you can & 3. have TONS FO FUN because life is meant to be enjoyed. When you work on those next goals of yours keep these in mind and follow your heart because it knows where you need to be next and will help you refine those goals.

Let me know if this helped you in any way! Wishing ya'all a happy new year!

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